Want Effective IT Security Training?

IT security training

Who wouldn’t want effective IT security training for their staff? What we’ve learned from the latest cybercrimes like WannaCry and Adyllfuzz is that these pro hackers are targeting the weakest link in companies of all sizes –the employees!

Of course, as a business owner it is your responsibility to have the best anti-virus/malware in place (and to be sure it is updated regularly), to keep all your security patches updated, to have a stellar backup system (and to be sure it is tested regularly), to have an enterprise-level firewall, and to be running Windows OS7 or newer. These are security essentials.

But in this chaotic environment of ransomware that can actually take down businesses through a simple phishing email (NoWorriesIT has seen it happen!), training and awareness programs have become a company’s vital defense. NoWorriesIT helps small businesses reduce the risk of cyberattack by fortifying their layers of defense, testing backup system, remotely monitoring networks, and providing optional IT security training programs. Our knowledgeable, personable, and prompt NoWorriesIT systems engineers are here to help at 410-751-7650.

For a complete overview on this type of proactive approach, I encourage you to read my article “6 Ways to Make Your IT Security Training More Effective,” which discusses these points:

  • Educate in Small Chunks
  • Make the Training Personal
  • Make the Training Hands-On
  • Include Everyone in the Training
  • Regularly Test Employee’s Security Knowledge
  • Keep in Mind that Training Has Its Limitations

About The Author

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess is Marketing Manager for NoWorriesIT, where she is continually surrounded by techno-speak and computer gear throughout the day. From Jean's desire to understand this alien world of Cloud Computing, Remote Monitoring and Management, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Network Security sprang this blog -Thoughts From A Wannabe Techno Geek. Her goal: to be a liaison between the knowledgeable NoWorriesIT system engineers and the small business reader in an entertaining and informative manner.

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