Tech Smart Gadget List: 4 Christmas Gifts Under $150

Tech Smart Gadget Under $150

The holidays are fast approaching! And as you are pouring over your gift list, I’m sure you have that hard-to-buy-for someone in your family. We all do, right? This “Tech Smart Gadget List” with 4 items for Christmas under $150 might be exactly what you need. I’ve pull these four tech smart gadget items from an article with items ranging in price from $32 to $1800. (See full article under Resource below) Good luck with your holiday shopping!

Tech Smart Gadget #1: Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System ($100)

According to the article, this tech gadget is “meant for the serious gamer (or office worker). It’s described as “a mousepad that charges the mouse continuously and without wires.” Used primarily for gaming, the connection is fast and “doesn’t have the same lag (or battery issues) as a mouse that connects only to a USB port over Bluetooth.”

Tech Smart Gadget #2: Dreampad Pillow ($129)

Picture if you will…”A pillow that emanates soft, lilting music to help you sleep.” Ah-h! Using a 3.5mm cord, the Dreampad connects your phone (or you can use an optional Bluetooth streaming device.) Additionally, the pillow provides sound vibrations that reach the bone of your inner ear to help you drift off to sleep. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Tech Smart Gadget #3: Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges ($200)

According to the article, the “Lenovo teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney to make a standalone VR headset (you use your own smartphone, like the Google Pixel 2 or an iPhone) that comes with a Vitual Reality lightsaber.” In addition, there are a variety of other games, like VR chess, and “action games that involve slicing and dicing your way through a level filled with Star Wars baddies.” Someone on your gift list would certainly enjoy this gaming challenge, right?

Tech Smart Gadget #4: Palo Alto Innovation Sandman Clock ($45)

This old-school/new-school alarm clock got my attention, especially for travel. “A simple alarm clock with a bright display, the Sandman Clock doubles as a four-port USB charger for your phone or tablet,” according to the article. With an easy-to-use alarm button, a bright red LED readout, and all those charging ports, this sounds like a winning gift for that “hard-to-buy-for” someone!

Hope this helps with your holiday shopping!


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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

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