How secure is the cloud you are using or, The cautionary tale of Molly

“I’m not a Cloud User,” you may be saying to yourself.  “This week’s blog doesn’t apply to me.”  Well, don’t hit DELETE quite yet. Nearly everyone using email, or a hot, new Smartphone, is indeed using the Cloud for data storage. You just may not be realizing that your MSN or Verizon Wireless provider is […]

Remote Access, Firewall, OSX and other Techno-speak

Being the Marketing Manager of NoWorriesIT, an IT Networking and Support company, has its perks. When my computer isn’t working exactly right, I simply yell: HELP! and support comes running. On the other hand, it’s day in and day out TECHNO-speak. Remote Access this, Firewall that, Server files corrupt this, Malware, Trojan, Anti-virus that! And […]


A recent report by Gartner, a technology research and analysis firm, predicts, through 2016, the financial impact of cybercrime will grow 10% per year, due to the continuing discovery of new vulnerabilities.  For those of you who don’t speak techno geek yet the bad guys aren’t just hacking for fun anymore; they’ve figured out ways […]

Learning to focus in an IT Network Solutions office

Learning to focus in an IT office. I’m determined it can be done. Perhaps you have a similar challenge in your place of employment, but I’ll tell you that as a Marketing Manager for an IT Network Solutions company that focuses on complete IT services for a wide variety of small businesses maintaining one’s focus […]

Cold Calls For IT Solutions Sales

I recently saw a survey on one of our LinkedIN Group Discussions that went like this: People tend to dread and/or avoid cold calls. What is your number one reason? Feel you do not have time Fear of rejection Do not know what/how much to say Getting part the gatekeeper Other Based on personal experience, […]

Facebook for Business

I just finished a webinar on FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS, which expounded upon the various and varied reasons that our company, NoWorriesIT MUST take the plunge and include FACEBOOK among our Social Media platform. The truth is, I thought that we were totally 21st Century when we started using LinkedIN, but now we are feeling pressure […]