Planning for 2019Planning for 2019

It’s that time of year again! It’s the 4th Quarter when we review what worked (and what didn’t) during 2018 in terms of marketing & sales and begin to develop our planning for 2019. Some business owners and managers will be looking at profit & loss statements, budget reports or other revenue indicators; while others […]

Online Holiday ShoppingOnline Holiday Shopping Security Tips

It’s here…! Holiday shopping time. And as we know, despite campaigns to shop local and support your neighborhood small businesses (hint, hint), many of you will still be relying on online holiday shopping to fill in the gaps. Along with online holiday shopping, you need to be aware of online holiday shopping security tips to […]

Work From Home OptionWork From Home Option

There is a trend in startup office design (and among tech companies in particular) to pack as many “perks” as possible into these collaborative spaces with the goal of attracting and retaining employees. Candy dispensers, indoor treehouses, foosball and table tennis, even beer taps are among some of the gimmicks that I’ve seen in my […]

PassphrasesPassphrases Are the New Passwords

Password recommendations have been pretty standard for a long time. But the most recent findings from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) show that it may be time to re-think. Passphrases are the new passwords! Time for a pop quiz. Is the following statement true or false? It is best for businesses […]

overspending on cloud servicesAre You Overspending on Cloud Services?

From over-provisioning to simply misunderstanding what services are needed, there are several reasons why companies are overspending on Cloud Services. And let’s face it, the pricing options vary from Cloud provider to provider, making your choices widespread and confusing at times. NoWorriesIT wants to help you avoid overspending on Cloud Services. Add to this the […]

IT System7 Tips for Implementing an IT System

  There is a lot involved in designing and implementing an IT system. When businesses implement a new IT system, they expect it to effectively and efficiently carry out the operations it was designed to handle. However, there can be a gap between expectations and reality if the implementation is not handled properly. Here are […]

HIPAA violationsSummer HIPAA Violations

Fall is a good time to review the statistics coming out of the office of Health and Human Services concerning summer HIPAA breaches. A high number of HIPAA violations and data breaches have been tallied this summer across the United States and from a variety of medical organizations, according to a report by HIPAA Journal. […]

Section 179 Deduction for 2018Section 179 Deduction for 2018

Have you been thinking about computer upgrades? Maybe you need new software or the printer’s on its last leg. Or perhaps you’ve been considering making important network security changes to protect your company. Now is the time to refresh your office technology AND receive a tax incentive, thanks to the Section 179 Deduction for 2018. […]

Adobe IconAdobe Update Patches 100+ Security Vulnerabilities

  Five popular Adobe programs were found to be riddled with security holes. Learn about the programs that were affected, their vulnerabilities, and the Adobe update created to patch the holes. In July 2018, Adobe released a major update that patches 112 vulnerabilities in five popular Adobe apps. These programs run on a variety of […]

Wi-Fi at Airports4 Riskiest US Airports for Using Free Wi-Fi

Using free Wi-Fi at airports is convenient but potentially dangerous. Find out which airports are the most risky and learn how to mitigate the risks. Most airports provide free Wi-Fi for visitors. This is convenient for business travelers who work on their laptops while waiting for their flights. However, taking advantage of this convenience can […]