Section 179 Deduction for 2018Section 179 Deduction for 2018

Have you been thinking about computer upgrades? Maybe you need new software or the printer’s on its last leg. Or perhaps you’ve been considering making important network security changes to protect your company. Now is the time to refresh your office technology AND receive a tax incentive, thanks to the Section 179 Deduction for 2018. […]

Adobe IconAdobe Update Patches 100+ Security Vulnerabilities

  Five popular Adobe programs were found to be riddled with security holes. Learn about the programs that were affected, their vulnerabilities, and the Adobe update created to patch the holes. In July 2018, Adobe released a major update that patches 112 vulnerabilities in five popular Adobe apps. These programs run on a variety of […]

Wi-Fi at Airports4 Riskiest US Airports for Using Free Wi-Fi

Using free Wi-Fi at airports is convenient but potentially dangerous. Find out which airports are the most risky and learn how to mitigate the risks. Most airports provide free Wi-Fi for visitors. This is convenient for business travelers who work on their laptops while waiting for their flights. However, taking advantage of this convenience can […]

Malware developerMalware Developer Sentenced

A malware developer whose claim to fame is creating NanoCore RAT (Remote Access Trojan) has been arrested by the FBI in February 2017 and sentenced to 33 months in prison by a federal judge in February 2018. 27-year old, Taylor Huddleston, was the cyber underworld’s go-to criminal for his malicious software, NanoCore RAT, which allowed […]

5 Costly IT-Related Cybercrimes5 Costly Types of IT-Related Cybercrimes

In May 2018, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released its “2017 Internet Crime Report“. The IC3, which is part of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was established to gather complaints from victims of Internet crime. In 2017, an average of 826 complaints were received each day from victims, many focused on IT-related […]

Backup SolutionsBest Backup Solutions for Your Business’s Laptops

Backing up laptops can be challenging for companies because they often are not connected to the network when network backups are performed. However, it is important to back up laptop data. There are many backup solutions to consider. They often fall into four main categories: manual backups, company-developed backup solutions, on-premises commercial backup solutions, and […]

Keyboard ShortcutsUse Google Docs’ Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

Google Docs provides numerous keyboard shortcuts that you can use to save keystrokes and time when creating and editing documents. If you have used Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts, many will be familiar. However, there are some differences. Here are several keyboard shortcuts for commonly used tasks when working with Google Docs on Windows computers. Deleting, […]

Cloud computing policyDoes Your Company Have a Cloud Computing Policy?

If your business uses cloud services, it is a good idea to have a cloud computing policy. It can help ensure that the cloud services are being used appropriately and productively. With so many different types of clouds (e.g., public, hybrid, private) and cloud services (e.g., data storage, email, backups), there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy […]

Password RecommendationsThese Password Recommendations Might Surprise You

Password recommendations have been pretty standard for a long time. But the most recent findings show that it may be time to re-think! It’s time for a pop quiz. Is the following statement true or false? It is best for businesses to require that employees create long, random passwords that include mixed-case letters, numbers, and […]

Security Alert: Your Website Might Display This Warning Starting July 2018

In July 2018, Google will publish release 68 of its Chrome web browser. Unlike prior releases of Chrome, this version can significantly affect your website traffic and possibly affect your company’s reputation. Chrome 68 will include a security check to detect whether your website is encrypted. If it is not, Chrome will immediately display a […]