Planning for 2019

Planning for 2019It’s that time of year again! It’s the 4th Quarter when we review what worked (and what didn’t) during 2018 in terms of marketing & sales and begin to develop our planning for 2019.

Some business owners and managers will be looking at profit & loss statements, budget reports or other revenue indicators; while others may take a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) approach. But either way, your analyses will provide the data you need for planning for 2019 – the budget changes, products or services to add or eliminate, and perhaps even staff changes to make.

As the leader of your organization, along with these “nuts & bolts” decisions, be sure to include in your planning for 2019 a few specific initiatives for expanding your business beyond its current comfort zone.

What do I mean by “comfort zone?” In this context, I’m talking about that status quo, very comfy, “that’s-how-we-do-things” attitude you may have about your business. Settling into a comfort zone may feel safe and may even save you a few dollars, but in the long run, will rarely make your business stand out or reverberate excitement within your staff.

The following quote is apropos:

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – Unknown

So while you are planning for 2019, think about ways you can lead your business out of its comfort zone and, at the same time, instill staff excitement toward the new year. Here are a few ideas that may fit your company:

  • Up your marketing game to garner attention and ROI: Add video to your current marketing efforts; Attend trade shows if not currently doing so; Add online advertising; Give seminars to demonstrate expertise in your industry.
  • Invest in new technology including network security measures: Act to keep company data safe and hardware/software to keep up with competition.
  • Support your local, non-profit community: Pick 2-3 causes you and your staff believe in. Attend activities, sponsor events, and support via social media.

What other “comfort zone” stretching plans might work for your company? Give it some thought and be sure to include a strategy or two in your year-end plan for 2019. While it is true that not all the strategies listed above can be measured in terms of ROI, many businesses are finding that company culture has a direct impact on their bottom line. This time next year, be sure to measure your growth through this new filter. Oh, and don’t forget to expand your comfort zone for 2020, too!

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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess is Marketing Manager for NoWorriesIT, where she is continually surrounded by techno-speak and computer gear throughout the day. From Jean's desire to understand this alien world of Cloud Computing, Remote Monitoring and Management, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Network Security sprang this blog -Thoughts From A Wannabe Techno Geek. Her goal: to be a liaison between the knowledgeable NoWorriesIT system engineers and the small business reader in an entertaining and informative manner.

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