Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work

According to the article, “5 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness at the Office” by Janice Marturano, mindfulness isn’t only about sitting on a cushion, humming “om,” with your eyes closed. Mindfulness is about finding ways to making yourself calm, centered and present each moment of your life, even at work when things can be especially stressful. And it takes practice to find mindfulness at work.

 Five great suggestions to begin your own Mindfulness at Work Practice:

  1. Choose to start your day rather than letting the day start you. Begin each day by noticing the sensations of the breath for a few breaths before starting your daily routines.

This suggestion led me to ask: How might I change my “Start of the day” habits at my worked desk to mindfully approach my day?

  1. Use transitions wisely. For example, choose some days to drive to and from work without the radio or phone. When you arrive at your destination, allow yourself a few moments to sit in the car, noticing the breath.

This suggestion led me to ask: Are there other times during the day that I could mindfully transition from one activity to another?

  1. Nourish yourself. Mindfully eat your lunch attending to the colors, taste, and smells of the food.

This suggestion led me to reflect: What are my eating habits at work? Am I mindful about eating lunch and snacks at breaks, or is my eating an afterthought?

  1. Walk between meetings rather than multitask with emailing or texting. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on the skin, and embrace the possibility of greeting colleagues you pass rather than bumping into them while you text!

This suggestion led me to ask: What are my own habits when leaving my desk to move to another activity?

  1. Notice sensations of your body while sitting at your desk. While your computer is turned on, take time to notice your body and respond.

This suggestion led me to ask: Am I listening to my body and responding to its needs throughout the day?

Jean’s Personal Application of Mindfulness at Work

In an effort to expand my mindfulness at work practice, and perhaps reduce stress and increase efficiency, I began to apply these five suggestions to my work habits whenever I was in the office at NoWorriesIT.

  1. Start of day habits: I changed up my morning routine in the following ways. Of course, the first thing I did was to login to my computer, but while the computer was “doing its thing” I now settle into my chair and take a few deep breaths. In the past, I would go right to my emails, but now I review my To Do list and arrange my desk for the day’s work rather than get distracted with emails. Simple changes, but this seems to help focus my day.
  2. Transitions: I have found that the best help with transitions from one activity to the next is a written note. Now I’ve added the physical transition (for instance, I’ll do the next project at a different part of my desk) and I do take the time to add a few cleansing breaths between activities. For me, visual – physical – mental transition seems to work well.
  3. Nourishment: I feel eating habits at the office are important for everyone to reflect on. I try very hard not to eat at my desk because I do believe it becomes mindless eating. I will drink coffee or water, but now I’m even wondering if I’m not enjoying the coffee when I drink it at my desk. This is a question I’m still working with (I do love my coffee!)
  4. Walking between activities: In the past I have been quite mindless in the way I’ve walked between activities, to my car to attend meetings, etc. The truth is I’m always thinking ahead to the next activity, which is human nature, I suppose. I have tried to be more mindful of the present as I transition from my desk to meetings or to a colleague’s desk, however, I’ve found this difficult. Perhaps this will be my personal challenge.
  5. Notice body while sitting: I will say, however, that I am having more success with my awareness of my body while sitting at my desk and at my computer. Perhaps it is because I researched and wrote a blog about ergonomics and sitting postures in the past. Or perhaps it is because I’ve had back and neck issues. Regardless, I do take the time to get my body settled into my desk chair, get my feet positioned on the foot stool (I’m short so I require an adjustable foot stool), and make sure the keyboard is positioned properly. One thing I try to do is take stretch breaks throughout the day if I’m doing a lot of computer work, especially for my neck and back. Awareness of your body and its needs is so important, especially if you have a desk job. Mindfully checking in once in a while is essential.

Overall, I’m still a work in progress, but aren’t we all. Mindfulness at work is something that can practiced, and the benefit is finding ways to making yourself calm, centered and present each moment of your life, even at work when things can be especially stressful.


https://www.mindful.org/5-tips-for-practicing-mindfulness-at-the-office/?utm_content=buffer2ac9c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer (originally appearing in the Huffington Post 2/14/13)

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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

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  • Lexi August 20th, 2017 2:02 pm


    Thanks for sharing and then adding your thoughts about how to improve your own mindfulness. Great tips!


  • Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager August 22nd, 2017 9:19 am

    Thanks, Lexi. I always appreciate your feedback. And thanks for reading my posts!!!

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