Malware Developer Sentenced

Malware developer

A malware developer whose claim to fame is creating NanoCore RAT (Remote Access Trojan) has been arrested by the FBI in February 2017 and sentenced to 33 months in prison by a federal judge in February 2018.

27-year old, Taylor Huddleston, was the cyber underworld’s go-to criminal for his malicious software, NanoCore RAT, which allowed hackers to steal sensitive info from computers, such as account numbers and passwords, and even permitted access to webcams of infected computers. As a malware developer, Huddleston had the sophistication to create and sell malicious software to hackers who lacked skills but were willing to pay.

According to court documents, NanoCore RAT was used to infect and attempt to infect more than 100,000 computers, and had the potential for national security implications. The FBI opened the investigation into an active malware developer in September 2015, which eventually led them to Huddleson.

Protect Your Business Against A Malware Attack

Per the article’s (and NoWorriesIT’s) advice, please be diligent in your efforts to protect your business against attack. Most malware infects your computer/network through some type of phishing attack (i.e. users open an e-mail attachment or click on a link disguised to trick them as a trusted source.)

Here’s a list of security “best practices” to implement immediately:

  • Security Training for your staff is an essential in the 21st century!
  • Being diligent about updating your Anti-virus definitions
  • Firewall management
  • Running the current Operating Systems and maintaining updates
  • Security patches for all software including third-party
  • Secure backup and a recovery plan

NoWorriesIT offers businesses and non-profits a complimentary Network Security Audit to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current security measures. Let us help you protect your business against malware developers like Taylor Huddleston and those hackers who now possess his malware software. Unfortunately, this threat is not going away anytime soon.

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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

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