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Email is so central to the conduct of modern commerce that it’s easily taken for granted…until a problem arises.¬†Our email hosting offers affordable services with reliable support. NoWorriesIT has developed three tools to help businesses like yours prevent email-related problems and manage this vital mode of daily communication: Hosted Exchange, Spam Defender and SpamDefender LiveArchive.

At the core of our offering: NoWorriesIT Hosted Exchange. In addition to having your email safely archived, you get a free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access (compatible with most Web and mobile browsers), and ActiveSync (sync for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Palm) a powerful package of messaging and scheduling functionality.

NoWorriesIT Spam Defender secures and protects all the data sent and received by your mailbox against viruses and other dangerous content. It enforces your company email policies, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides transparent encryption.

NoWorriesIT SpamDefender LiveArchive creates a real-time copy of your incoming and sent mail in a separate Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment hosted in the cloud. With a year’s worth of email automatically archived, you can count on being productive with full access to your messages even during maintenance intervals or service emergencies.