HIPAA Risk Assessment

NoWorriesIT Approach to HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA Risk Assessment covers a complete list of specifications on the administrative, physical, and technical levels. The assessment requires several hours and will be completed by one or two NoWorriesIT Certified HIPAA Security Professionals. There are very few certified technology consultants offering this service along with Managed IT Services in this area.

Pre-Onsite Meeting
• Introduce NoWorriesIT HIPAA Certified Security Professional system engineers and practice participants
• Review goals of HIPAA Risk Assessment
• Review any practice documentation completed to date

Onsite Risk Assessment
• Complete HIPAA Risk Assessment per Security Rule
• Complete HIPAA Risk Assessment per Privacy Rule

Post Assessment Analysis
• Analyze completed HIPAA Risk Assessment to identify any gaps
• Prepare reporting to present to healthcare practice
• Prepare recommendations for remediation of any gaps in ePHI/PHI protection

Advisement Meeting
• Onsite meeting to present findings via analysis and report
• Outline recommendations for remediation of any gaps
• Outline recommendations for continued best practices for technology management, including HIPAA management