Is Your Former Employee Posing a Cyber Security Threat?

Cyber Security Threat

A Cyber security threat instigated by former employees may not be as newsworthy as the latest Ransomware or suspected Russian-hacks. However, this type of insider breach can pose a huge threat to your business data as well as affect your financial well-being.

In fact, a 2017 report conducted by Arlington Research found that 20% of the 500 organizations surveyed had been victims of cyber security breaches at the hand of ex-employees. Alvaro Hoyos, chief information security officer, OneLogin summarized, “The bottom-line is that companies aren’t following very basic but essential security measures around employee provisioning and deprovisioning.” ( i.e. onboarding/offboarding)

How to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Security Threat

Here are a few of the steps your business can take to protect your data against breaches caused by ex-employees:

First, have your IT provider purge your computer systems of existing old accounts, including identifying and removing the user accounts of former employees as well as removing their memberships in group accounts.

Second, change passwords to sensitive accounts that the ex-employee may have had access to.

Third, set up a procedure for future onboarding/offboarding of all employees, which includes limiting access to the minimal level necessary. This “minimal level access” is very important in helping to limit the potential damage of a cyber security breach caused by a disgruntled employee who knows he/she may be quitting soon.

Additional Steps to Protect Against a Cyber Security Threat

To help simplify these processes, you might consider using an access control tool or identity management service. NoWorriesIT can recommend the best solution for your business based on your needs. Call us at 410-751-7650 for a complimentary IT Review and let’s talk about steps to secure your company today.

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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

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