Are You Overspending on Cloud Services?

overspending on cloud services

From over-provisioning to simply misunderstanding what services are needed, there are several reasons why companies are overspending on Cloud Services. And let’s face it, the pricing options vary from Cloud provider to provider, making your choices widespread and confusing at times. NoWorriesIT wants to help you avoid overspending on Cloud Services.

Add to this the fact that many businesses resist optimizing their systems before moving to a Cloud solution, and then find out that they are stuck with higher costs than they expected, often forced to add on more Cloud services.

Stop! Get Cloud Advice Before Proceeding! Frame your Cloud needs so you don’t spend money needlessly.

The truth is that not every business and non-profit served by  NoWorriesIT needs to utilize the full array of Cloud services. Minimal services are appropriate for one company; going full-on Cloud is appropriate for another. It truly depends on workflow, what’s currently working, and what your business plan for future growth looks like.

NoWorriesIT offers a free Cloud Assessment and IT Review to answer your Cloud questions. Call us at 410-751-7650. In the meantime, check out this info-filled article entitled: Get the Biggest Bang Out of Your Cloud Services Buck

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Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager

Jean Burgess is Marketing Manager for NoWorriesIT, where she is continually surrounded by techno-speak and computer gear throughout the day. From Jean's desire to understand this alien world of Cloud Computing, Remote Monitoring and Management, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Network Security sprang this blog -Thoughts From A Wannabe Techno Geek. Her goal: to be a liaison between the knowledgeable NoWorriesIT system engineers and the small business reader in an entertaining and informative manner.

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